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Bariatric Surgery Patient Success Stories

Having performed over 1,500 bariatric surgeries, our patients have plenty of wonderful stories to tell. Patients who undergo bariatric surgery generally improve or eliminate a host of diseases associated with obesity, including type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and sleep apnea. Further, they may lose a significant amount of weight over the long-term. This leads to increased quality of life and significant improvements in their overall health, both physical and mental.

We hope that you will join us in congratulating some of our patients who have kindly allowed us to publish their stories, most of which are truly amazing and transformative. If you would like to help others considering bariatric surgery by telling your story please email us by clicking here


Type of procedure : Gastric Bypass
Date of procedure : July 17, 2014
Weight lost : 195 lbs. since surgery & 375 lbs total!

I have now lost a total of 375#s altogether since January of 2012.

And drum roll….195#s in 1 year since surgery. I still have a little ways to go, but I am working hard and God is doing mighty things for me and in me continually.

Want to say thank you to all my family and friends, who are such blessings and so encouraging! But mostly I want to THANK MY LORD JESUS for being my Savior, Deliverer and Healer! With Him ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! And a Big thank you to Dr. Russell Gornichec and staff!


ipss_jeanneType of procedure : Gastric Bypass
Date of procedure : May 12, 2009
Weight lost : 116 lbs.

“To be as healthy as possible every single day.”

The best part of losing my weight was watching every day how much my body kept changing. Looking in the mirror, not believing who I was looking at. I was a large person so long that my mind still sees the old me, it will take some time before my brain catches up with the new me. Buying sizes I haven’t been in many years. Being able to walk or stand for long periods of time without my knees or feet hurting, tying my shoes with the knot in the center. Crossing my legs, able to sit in whatever chair I want to.


ipss_luanne_bType of Procedure : Gastric Banding
Date of Procedure : November 7, 2007
Weight lost : 75 lbs. and still losing

“I feel I have been given a chance at a new life”

The best part of losing weight has been feeling better physically , feeling I have more energy , and being able to exercise and do the things I want to do . I also feel better emotionally , I have more self – confidence and a feeling of accomplishment that I have never had before . I feel like I have become the person I always dreamed I could be.


Type of Procedure : Gastric Bypass
Date of Procedure : February 24, 2009
Weight lost : 152 lbs.
“Living healthy and enjoying life to the fullest”

For me getting my life back and getting healthy, I needed to take control and no one else could do it but me. I can say I was diagnose with adult onset asthma in 2006 and never knew I really had it until I was told by my family Doctor I needed to see a specialist so I did and I had to start inhalers and other test it was not fun. I can say after having my gastric bypass surgery it has made a difference I don’t have to use my inhalers only on a rare occasion and I am able to breathe without getting short winded. I have so much energy, my self-esteem is fantastic and it was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.


ipss_aprilType of Procedure : Gastric Banding
Date of Procedure : June 4, 2009
Weight lost : 88 lbs to date

“I got back my health!”

What was the best part of losing weight? I no longer have to wear my CPAP, I have more energy, the pain in my joints is gone and I feel 20 years younger! I also know that the lifestyle changes I made have had a positive impact on the health and future of my family. I have a true passion to be fit and hope to inspire others to do the same.


ipss_katinaType of procedure : Gastric Bypass
Date of procedure : May 19, 2009
Weight lost : 124 lbs

“The most important thing I attained from surgical weight loss was the way I look at myself”

What was the best part of losing weight? How much my self esteem has gone up even though I look at the clothes that I wear now and think I can’t fit into those but I do. My knees have stopped hurting and people look at me different. I can sit in chairs and have space on both sides instead of being crammed into them. I can sit in booths and my tummy doesn’t smash up against the table. I smile a lot more.


ipss_meaganType of Procedure : Gastric Bypass
Date of Procedure : May 2009
Weight lost : 110 lbs

“I’m finally finding a joy in my life that I had no idea existed”

Before having gastric bypass surgery I sat back and watched my life happen around me. My children were growing so quickly but I just didn’t have the energy to keep up with them. I was incredibly conscious of my mass whenever I was in public, especially when I was out with my slender husband. I was never comfortable with my own self.

Now that I’ve lost 110 pounds (!) I participate in my life wholeheartedly. I do things now that I never would have dreamed of before. I ride on the back of my husband’s motorcycle and plan on getting my own soon, and I can chase my kids as they run down the street. I plan on getting my fitness instructor certification within the next six months. Me! The one that hated to sweat! I’m finally finding a joy in my life that I had no idea existed, and never would have had I not taken the step to finally have gastric bypass surgery.


ipss_sandraType of procedure : Gastric Banding
Date of procedure : February 19, 2009
Weight lost : 54lbs

“I have attained a tool to lose weight and keep it off”

I am healthier and have more energy, and the fun thing about losing weight is that I now enjoy shopping for new clothes.


ipss_nathanType of Procedure : Gastric Bypass
Date of procedure : August 18, 2009 8/18/2009
Weight lost : 148 lbs

“a clean bill of health”

The best part about losing weight is feeling comfortable in clothes. Being able to sit in a booth at a diner or not being afraid having to squeeze through a crowd of people to get through. Hell I like to be able to tie my shoe without holding my breath. What was the most important thing I attained from surgical weight loss? Is a clean bill of health no high blood pressure no need for a c-pap machine.


ipss_scotType of Procedure : Gastric Banding
Date of Procedure : September 8, 2009
Weight lost : 75 lbs

“I crave exercise”

I can move around easier and just generally feel like I “fit” the world better than before. I can sit in airplane seats without feeling too cramped… I can cross my legs… I can select more types of clothing.

Eating is more enjoyable now because I actually get full. If you had told me I would enjoy getting up early in the morning and exercising I would have thought you were crazy. Now I look for ways to get that little extra workout during the day. I feel better physically, psychologically, and spiritually.


ipss_starlaType of Procedure : Gastric Bypass
Date of Procedure : June 9, 2009
Weight lost : 79 lbs (and still shrinking)

“I’ve improved my health and self respect”

Best part of wt loss is being able to enjoy life again. Going shopping holds a new place in my heart, I love trying on clothes again. Going for walks with my family, and keeping up with their pace. I love the looks on peoples faces when they haven’t seen me in a while and now see so much less of me. It’s an awesome feeling. The absolute greatest moment was when my 12 year old daughter said to me “mommy you are getting so tiny, you look so pretty”. I would recommend WLS to anyone who is a candidate.


ipss_teresaType of Procedure : Gastric Bypass
Date of Procedure : July 21, 2009
Weight lost : 81 Lbs So Far

The best part of losing weight is that my health problems have been solved. I was a Diabetic, I had Sleep Apnea & High Blood Pressure. This has all been resolved by getting fit with exercise, eating healthy and loosing 81 lbs. so far. I have more energy now and feel like I’ve gained years back on my life! I feel like exercising every day and actually enjoy it! I can run and play with my Grandkids, I’ve regained self confidence and just overall feel good and healthy! I’m so thankful that I found out about Dr. Gornichec and that I’ve had the surgery.


ipss_terraType of procedure : Gastric Bypass
Date of procedure : December 29, 2008
Weight lost : 127 lbs (so far)

“I attained energy and confidence!”

What was the best part of losing weight: Visibility! The best part of losing weight was becoming a visible member of society. In our world, the heavier you are and the more space your body occupies, the fewer people you make eye contact with… few people start random conversations with you. It is almost as if your fat is a disease they might catch. My surgery made me more visible to the world… and myself.


ipss_terry_bType of procedure : Gastric Bypass
Date of procedure : June 9, 2009
Weight lost : 107 pounds

“I gained the respect and appreciation of my wife”

The best part is a return to healthy living. I was border line diabetic, had elevated Thyroid level, and was frequently out of rhythm due to Atrial Flutter. The additional pressure on my heart from morbid obesity made it impossible to exercise or to retain a normal heart rhythm. Within 60 days my weight had reduced enough that with a slight change in medication all arrhythmia stopped. It is now February 3, 2010, and the last episode of arrhythmia was July 15, 2009. By November I was able to begin exercising again, and I’m now capable of sustaining a heart rate of 120 BPM for 45 minutes with no heart issues. I can now look forward to a future with an extended work life, of being able to walk 18 holes of golf with my wife, of being able to take my grandchildren to Disney World, and of being of use in service to others, not to mention a significant reduction in my health care costs.


ipss_traceyType of procedure : Gastric Bypass
Date of procedure : October 7, 2007
Weight lost : 174 lbs.

“The most important thing I’ve attained from my weight loss is my family”

The most important thing I’ve attained from my weight loss is my family… knowing that I have a better chance now of growing old enough to see my kids have children of their own is the greatest achievement of it all.
The best part of losing weight…first of all its hard to put this in 100 words or less because my weight loss has opened so many doors that I had long since closed… health would be first and most important I’m no longer a diabetic risk my blood pressure is almost extinct, my sleep apnea is 75% better and my asthma which I’ve has crippled me since I was a child in sports and everyday activities is just shortness of breath now. I run two to three miles without stopping, I play ball with my boys and friends and I genuinely enjoy life as a whole now and I blame all of this good fortune and my new wife AMANDA on my weight loss. Even my energy level at work has improved and that has helped me to learn and improve more for job stability. That, in a short story, is what my weight loss has meant to me.


“When you walk into his office, you’re greeted with a smile from his staff – you’re not a number to anyone, they all know your name…”

As a long time patient of Dr. Gornichec, I can honestly tell you that there is no greater weight-loss doctor than he. He doesn’t sugar-coat anything, he’s incredibly down to Earth and kind, and he honestly wants to see you succeed. When my mother had the weight-loss surgery and recommended that I get it, I knew there was no one else I would rather go to. His commitment to seeing change only helped strengthen my own. When you walk into his office, you’re greeted with a smile from his staff – you’re not a number to anyone, they all know your name – and in today’s world, that’s a bonus. While I know that my journey is not over yet, I know in my heart it would have never started with a little push from Dr. Gornichec and his amazing staff. Thank you.
Heather B. Lloyd is the Creator and Blogger of “Not an Effin’ Barbie”.