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Loser of the Month

Glenda – February 2015

Glenda is our Weight Loss Center loser of the month. A mere 3 months after Gastric Bypass, she has lost 65% of her excess body weight (the average gastric bypass patient will lose 65% at 6 months).

Her pre-op weight was 240; she is now 176. Her BMI has dropped from 42.5 to 31. Congratulations Glenda!

Melissa – August 2014

The contest was again close this month but Melissa lost 98% of her excess weight after 9months. She said that getting gastric bypass procedure allowed her to keep up her new family addition.

Congrats to Melissa on both accomplishments.


Lora H – July 2014

The decision was more difficult this month for the “biggest Loser” but Lora H beat a sleeve and a gastric bypass patient with her plicated iBand. Lora has lost over 59% of her excess body weight in just 6 months (national average is 50% in 12 months). We at Weight Loss Center of Arkansas are very proud of Lora’s accomplishments.


Regina – June 2014

Regina is WeightLossCenter loser of the month. She has lost 90% of her excess weight after Bypass 8 months ago. Congrats to Regina!Weight Loss Center of Arkansas where being a loser is the only way to be.