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Why Do We Offer Non Surgical Weight Loss?

Many bariatric surgeons do not offer non-surgical weight loss options. When I started my program in 2003, I was in this majority, feeling that medical weight loss was the purview of others and when that fails then the patient should be referred to a bariatric surgeon for a more invasive approach.

Once I had achieved a database of over 500 patients I began to realize that the outcomes weren’t always related to the procedure type or the compliance of the patient. I soon discovered that more than a few variables are involved to make weight loss successful and that only a small portion of these variables can be achieved by one program type alone. I did some research and discovered a plethora of weight loss sites and found none that address the majority of issues that present a barrier to weight loss for most patients. I rapidly became aware that many weight loss providers are offering programs and tools without the proper education and training and this has generated a large population of frustrated patients.

Simply placing people on appetite suppressant doesn’t always work long term.

Programs need to be individualized and adapted to help avoid weight loss plateaus. Once weight loss is initiated plateaus are common and debilitating. Keeping patients on course as their body attempts to alter their physiology in order to prevent further weight loss is crucial.

After researching various approaches I began instituting a weight loss program before and after each procedure and addressing aspects that previously had been ignored and found that a higher percentage of my surgical patients were successful.

I applied these same individualized techniques to patients who presented that had failed other surgical programs and found that sometimes revising the anatomy was not the answer and success could be achieved by modifying other variables not previously addressed. About 20-30% of my patients were now considered non-surgical and were attaining good weight loss despite the lack of additional procedures.

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