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Weight Loss Surgery / Bariatric Surgery – What Is It?

Bariatric surgery is currently the only long-term effective and sustainable weight loss option for those suffering from obesity and morbid obesity. Weight loss surgery over the years has been refined, both in terms of techniques and procedures available, resulting in dramatic reductions in complication rates. After most other surgeries, the patient will be able to leave the hospital with an overnight or two night stay assuming no complications arise.

As obesity rates have increased throughout the United States, the importance of safe and effective bariatric surgery has never been greater. Minimally invasive, or laparoscopic, techniques have been developed where surgeons can now access the abdominal cavity without a traditional open incision that requires cutting through the abdominal muscle. The result has been shorter recovery and hospital stays, as well as less pain and less blood.

Here at Weight Loss Center of Arkansas, we offer three major bariatric procedures including:

gastric bypassGastric Bypass:

Widely considered to be the gold standard in bariatric surgery, gastric bypass combines both restriction and malabsorption to allow for extreme weight loss in the range of 70 to 85% of excess body weight. The gastric bypass procedure cuts away approximately 85% of the existing stomach and then bypasses part of the small intestine to achieve these exceptional results.

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gastric sleeveGastric Sleeve:

Thanks to the gastric sleeve’s simplicity, it has become very popular in recent years. Dr. Gornichec will cut away and remove approximately 75-80% of the existing stomach pouch leaving a vertical sleeve-shaped, banana-sized stomach pouch. The procedure works by restricting the amount of food that the patient can eat at any given sitting. Long-term weight loss and disease resolution results are excellent.

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gastric bandGastric Banding

Banding, also known by its trade names Lap-Band® and Realize® Band is the least invasive bariatric procedure due to the fact that no portion of the stomach or intestine is cut or bypassed. The band is placed around the top of the stomach and tightened, making patients feel full sooner. Weight-loss and disease resolution are more moderate than other procedures, however are still exceptional over the long-term.

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Duodenal Switch

Duodenal Switch

The duodenal switch is a combination restrictive and malabsorptive procedure that, while less commonly performed than the procedure above, offers some of the highest weight loss potential of any weight loss surgery available. While it minimizes some of the disadvantages of gastric bypass (such as dumping syndrome) there is a greater malabsorption requiring a higher degree of nutritional maintenance.

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No matter what procedure you choose, it is important that you know your options and you learn as much as you can about the benefits and risks of surgery. Attending one of our free weight loss surgery seminars, held monthly, is the best way to learn more and meet our bariatric surgeon and staff. If you have any questions about bariatric surgery or the procedures we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact our office or sign-up for a free seminar by clicking here.