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Getting Started, Step-By-Step

No two patients are alike, so we can only offer general guidance on the pathway to surgery. Please bear in mind that there are many moving components involved in pre-qualification for bariatric surgery, so this process may take several weeks or even months to achieve. This timeframe can be minimized with a great deal of organization and the patient understanding their obligations under their insurance policy.

Step 1 – Free seminar

Attending one of our free weight loss surgery seminars is the first step in learning more about bariatric surgery. By meeting Dr. Gornichec and the staff here at the Weight Loss Center of Arkansas, you will get insight into our practice as well as understanding the procedures that we offer. This is your time to learn more about us and feel comfortable with our program. You may also attend a support group to learn more about life after surgery from our existing patients. Sign up for an in-peron seminar or check out our new Online Seminar

Step 2 – First Consultation

Your first consultation with Dr. Gornichec is your opportunity to learn more about the particular circumstance surrounding your obesity problem as well as the diseases associated with the excess weight. During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to choose the bariatric procedure that you feel is best for you with the assistance and guidance of Dr. Gornichec and our staff. This is also the time to ask any questions that maybe concerning you about the surgery itself for life after surgery.

Step 3 – Pre-op Testing

Preoperative diagnostic testing is exceptionally important to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. We need to make sure that your general health is sufficient For surgery and that the risk of complications is low. Pre-op testing will include Hearts kidney and liver function, And medical history, And discussions with your primary care physician as well as other specialists it maybe Treating you for related conditions. Learn more about pre-op testing >>

Step 4 – Payment Options and Pre-Authorizations

At this time paying for bariatric surgery is probably high on your list of questions. We will work with you to understand the best options for your particular financial situation and assist you with any Forms or documents that need to be filled out or submitted. If paying in part or completely buying insurance, our billing department will assist you with the preauthorization. Medicare patients do not have the opportunity for preauthorization so we will gladly give you guidance to ensure that you qualify for Medicare coverage. Learn about payment options >>

Step 5 – Congratulations. It’s Time For Surgery!