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Choosing the Right Procedure

Figuring out which procedure is best for you will undoubtedly take a great deal of thought and time. Luckily, while it can be a daunting decision, it is also one that can be made with the help of various professional resources around you including your primary physician and your bariatric surgeon.

From when you attend your first weight loss surgery seminar, you will learn more about the different procedures available to you. In the case of our bariatric practice here in Arkansas, we offer the three most common weight loss surgery procedures:

We also offer other, less common procedures such as:

Just like there is no best surgeon for everyone, there is no one procedure that suits everyone. It is important, therefore, that you take the time to understand each of the procedures, learn more about their pros and cons and talk to other bariatric surgery patients who’ve undergone the procedure you’re considering. Enlisting the medical professionals in your life is extremely helpful and eye-opening as well.

With that said, generally speaking, patients who have higher BMIs are more suited to stapling procedures such as the gastric bypass or gastric sleeve. If you’re suffering from severe GERD or diabetes, a gastric bypass may be best. If your BMI is over 60, a gastric sleeve might be the safest options. Those with relatively lower BMIs and still suffering from obesity may benefit from the gastric band or Lap-Band®

Each procedure however has very unique requirements both before and after surgery. These considerations should be fully explored with your medical team before choosing the procedure. The key is to remember that no matter which bariatric procedure you choose, it comes with a responsibility to change your lifestyle both in diet modification and increased exercise after surgery. The requirements after surgery are significant and patients should be prepared to change their lifestyle forever.