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IBand – Imbricated Gastric Band or Banded Plication

The IBand is a product of the continuing evolution of techniques and technology within the bariatric surgery field of medicine. The IBand combines two different procedures – the gastric band also known by its trade names Lap-Band® or Realize® Band and the gastric plication. Because of the combination of procedures, there is a distinct possibility that this surgery will yield greater weight loss results than either of the individual component procedures by themselves. It is important to bear in mind however, that this is a very new procedure and as such, long-term data is not yet available on its effectiveness.iBand-illustration

How Does It Work?

The IBand procedure begins like most other bariatric surgeries – by making several small incisions in the abdomen through which the medical devices and a high definition camera are passed. The first portion of the procedure involves Dr. Gornichec placing a gastric band at the top of the stomach. Once the band is tightened it will restrict the amount of food the patient can eat at any given sitting.


During the second part of the procedure, Dr. Gornichec folds the stomach in on itself. As this is performed, Dr. Gornichec will suture or clip the stomach in place so that it does not unfold after the procedure is complete. The result is a long, thin stomach pouch that looks much like a banana or sleeve. The size of the stomach is reduced significantly (by up to Plication-illustration-cross-section60%) which means that a patient will feel fuller sooner. At no point is the stomach cut away or removed from the abdomen.

The combination of these two restrictive procedures is likely to yield exceptional weight loss results.

Since the IBand combines two relatively non-invasive procedures (when compared to other weight loss surgeries) patients may be able to leave the hospital or surgery center on the same day assuming a normal recovery with no surgical complications.

Benefits of the IBand Include:

  • Generally less severe risks than those of other bariatric surgeries since no part of the stomach or small intestine is cut or removed.
  • Combining procedures may mean incremental increases in weight loss versus one procedure or the other alone.
  • The combination of procedures may yield better disease resolution potential than either procedure individually.
  • The banded portion of the procedure can be adjusted.
  • The band can be removed, in which case the plicated stomach will continue to offer restriction.
  • The procedure can be reversed or converted to another procedure relatively easily.

Risks and Considerations of the IBand Include:

  • The combination of procedures will likely cost more than either procedure being performed individually.
  • Long-term results are not yet known.
  • Patients will live with a medical implant in their abdomen.
  • There are inherent risks of any surgery including infection, blood loss and in rare cases, death.
  • The IBand may not be appropriate for super obese patients i.e. those with BMIs over 60.

We encourage you to attend a free weight loss seminar and look forward to giving you more information on this and all the bariatric surgery procedures that we offer.