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Non-Surgical Medical Weight Loss

I have been performing surgical weight loss procedures for over a decade. I have seen tremendous success and a few disappointing failures from my patients and those of other surgeons. I have noticed that different procedures work differently on different people. For example:

  • Surgical procedures can create rapid weight loss or slow and steady weight loss.
  • Some patients lose part or all of their excess weight but regain some of that weight back after a few years.
  • Some patients lose the majority of their excess weight but not resolve any of their associated health issues
  • Others resolve many of their health problems but without a significant change in their weight.

I tell all my potential surgical weight loss patients prior to their chosen procedure that there are no guarantees.

Surgery Is Not For Everyone

Given the many advantages and disadvantages of surgical weight loss, I feel, as do many other medical providers, that surgical intervention remains the single best tool for effective and long-term weight loss in the morbidly obese population. That being said surgical intervention is not for everyone.

However, many patients are not good surgical candidates. This may be because:

  • Many patients have anxieties or adverse beliefs regarding surgical weight loss procedures.
  • Some patients do not want the life-long alterations required after undergoing a surgical weight loss procedure.
  • A few patients have undergone a surgical procedure but regained their weight back or failed to meet their initial weight loss goals and are not eligible for additional surgical intervention.

Should I turn my back on patients that desire weight loss just because they don’t currently meet a surgeon’s opinion as a likely candidate?