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Support Groups after Bariatric Surgery

Most bariatric patients understand, from the day they attend a weight loss surgery seminar, that much of their weight loss success relies on a their own willingness and ability to change their life and lifestyle for the better. Many of us think that bariatric surgery is a cure-all that we can go at alone. However, these common misconceptions lead to frustration and, ultimately, failure after surgery.

Support groups, held every 3rd Thursday of the month, are an effective tool to jumpstart a patient’s weight loss journey and, over the longer-term, maintain a new lower and healthier weight. The key to following and maintaining significant changes in the post-bariatric lifestyle is knowing that other people have experienced exactly the same thing. You, as a patient, are not alone in your journey despite the ups and downs that you will invariably experience.

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Support groups are so useful, in fact, that we encourage our patients to start attending even before they have had their surgical procedure. Not only will they get important tips and tricks from those who have been there and done that, but they will begin to change their mindset and work toward their goals right from the start.

Our support groups vary in both topic and activity. If Dr. Gornichec or one of the staff members is not slated to attend a particular support group, we may have guests speakers including nutritionists, psychologists and other clinicians who can offer exceptional insight and advice. Further, some of our support groups will include tips on how to shop for food, how to set and maintain goals and other tricks to make post-bariatric surgery life easier.

We encourage all of our patients to attend support group regularly as we believe that sporadic attendance is not nearly as productive or satisfying. We also encourage support group attendees enhance support outside of regular group hours to exercise and eat together or just talk and share their experiences.